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Research shows that water sprinklers are not effective

In the article “Directed actions can save livesin Fireproof magazin (Brandsäkert in Swedish) researcher Marcus Runefors (LTH) highlights the need for individualized measures to come to terms with the fatal fires. Even if all accommodations would be protected according to the SBF 501: 1 Rules for residential sprinklersthe study shows that half of the fires would still end up with casualties. This due to the activation being too slow when only heat, instead of smoke, is detected. Adding the tremendous amount of water damage such a venture with water spriklers would lead to it is noteworthy that the regulations have not yet been modernized.

Only smoke activated water mist sprinklers could make a difference when it comes to effective protection of people. Since mist systems also minimizes the use of water it protects buildings better from secondary costs of clean-up and reconstruction.

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