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3rd International Safety Education Seminar

– A conference for anyone working with fire and safety issues

Q-Fog will attend this conference held in Malmö, Sweden. The event takes place 21-22 October.

The conference will consist of three program blocks:

How do we identify the target groups?

We look into the research concerning those who suffer from accidents and how social factors influence the risk of suffering from accidents.

Different people, different needs?

Do we have sufficient knowledge about the different needs of the target groups and public in general? We will learn more about the prioritized target groups so that we can adapt messages and methods in order to better disseminate knowledge and information.

How can we reach the different target groups?

What techniques and tools can we use in our communication? Here various experiences are presented from different methods used to deliver our messages, for example, through personal meetings, social media, voluntary organizations or the use of public relation communicators.