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Habion and the Fire Brigade of Amsterdam-Amstelland join forces

Fireproof Living

An agreement is signed between Habion and the Fire Brigade of Amsterdam-Amstelland. They will collaborate with fireproof housing for the elderly. Fire is a risk for the elderly, especially when older people live independently for longer. Housing provider Habion and the Fire Brigade work together to improve fire safety among the elderly. Q-Fog watermist unis, awareness, evacuation drills and placement of smoke detectors are some examples. For this, the two organizations signed in the presence of the Mayor of Aalsmeer, Jeroen Nobel, on February 4, the letter of intent ‘Fireproof Living’.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to fire

Director of Habion, Peter Boerenfijn, emphasizes the importance of the cooperation: “Habion specializes in housing for vulnerable elderly. The effects of fire are extra large for this group. They are less mobile, allowing them less chans of escaping a fire on their own. Habion provides primarily elderly with safety and comfort. Together with our residents and partners, we want to maximize the feeling of safety. Acting commander of the Fire Brigade Amsterdam-Amstelland, IJle Stelstra also welcomes cooperation with a housing which is specifically aimed at the elderly. The power of the fire preventing lies mainly in cooperation with partners such as Habion.


To enhance the physical security Habion puts smoke detectors in all homes where these do not currently exist. In addition, an important part of the collaboration is a pilot test with a smart fire fighting unit for vulnerable older people. This innovative system from Q-Fog detect the fire itself and keep it under control by filling the room with mist. This enhance the probability of survival. Experiences abroad are promising.

Fire safety awareness and ecape routes

In addition to physical security, it is also important that the fire safety awareness and self-reliance of the elderly increases. Therefore, there are trainings for corporation employees and information sessions for residents focusing on fire risks and how to reduce them. Escaping fire is high on the agenda. “What often goes wrong when a fire breaks out, is that residents can not find the exit on time, for example due to dense smoke. Evacuation exercises and preparing escape plans are essential. We will organize together in an attractive way, ” Boerenfijn said.


The municipality of Aalsmeer, where the first Q-Fog units of the Netherlands will be placed, is pleased with the cooperation. Jeroen Nobel, Mayor of Aalsmeer: ​​”Fire safety for elderly and vulnerable people is also a concern of the municipality. It is good that the firefighters and Habion join forces to improve the fire safety of older people and increase their self-reliance and awareness. Therefore, we support this initiative. “