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Q1 mini fits under the sink!

Space efficient sprinkler

If the mobility of a mist sprinkler installation is not the most important issue and there is tap water available our Q1 mini could be a space saving solution! Without the water tank this version is only slightly more then half a meter high and fits under the sink and is easy to hide away in small spaces.

Q1 mini

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Technical data

Power supply* 230V 13A/16A
Detection smoke + heat
Active time** up to 30 minutes
Protected space 25 m2/60 m3 per nozzle (not two nozzles simultaneously)
Weight*** 45 kg/50 kg
Height*** 55 cm/83 cm
Extinguishing agent tap water
Installation time appr. from 2 hours
* depending on nozzles, 13 A requires K-factor 1,04 instead of standard 0,75
** different presets adjustable in software
*** Q1 mini single / Q1 mini double