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Yearly Archive: 2018

The Netherlands: Bed fire extinguished

A man in the Netherlands with risky behavior got a Q1 mobile sprinkler installed in his residence two weeks ago. Now the system has saved him and the property from serious injuries and damages. Our partner in Benelux, Nater has… Read more >

The Netherlands: Smouldering fire stopped

During the night of August 31, a Q1 effectively fought a smouldering fire in flame-proof bedding. Due to the high risk of fire that this client has, a Q-Fog mobile sprinkler was recently installed. Thanks to the activation of the… Read more >

Karlstad(SWE): No-one should die in a fire

The emergency services in the Karlstad region are pioneers in fire preventing. In the movie clip below Fire Inspector Henrik Kindberg present how they want to work with fire prevention together with carers and home services. Do you meet people… Read more >

Norway: Fire deaths are not random

In the Brandposten magazine number 57 a very interesting study from RISE Fire research in Trondheim is presented. Norway had 567 victims of fire between 2005 – 2014 and nearly 400 police reports have now been analysed. This study shows… Read more >

Significant improvement with water mist

Tests carried out by Magnus Arvidson at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) in Borås, Sweden shows that water mist is more efficient than traditional water sprinklers in typical domestic fires. Click the pictures to read the online version of Brandposten… Read more >