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Research shows that water sprinklers are not effective

In the article “Directed actions can save lives” in Fireproof magazin (Brandsäkert in Swedish) researcher Marcus Runefors (LTH) highlights the need for individualized measures to come to terms with the fatal fires. Even if all accommodations would be protected according… Read more >

Small news: Q1 mini

Q1 mini is a version without tank designed to be connected to a water supply. It is only 82 cm high in the double version which gives two protected areas. Shall just one space be protected, you can get the… Read more >

Vacation time!

We are on vacation from week 28 to week 31. If you have urgent matters that can’t wait, it’s best to call us. You find our phone numbers on the Contact Us page. We are back in full operation as of… Read more >

Q-Fog protects chargable fishing boat in Norway

Through our Norwegian partner Vekos we have delivered a customized version of our water mist sprinkler to a battery-powered boat. The boat has two battery rooms of 3.5 cubic meters filled with lithium ion batteries. The system is primarily intended… Read more >

List of incidents

Now we have an English version of our database with incidents available. See it on our Reference page!

Water sprinklers does not save lifes

Tragic fire incident highlights the need for mobile residential sprinklers At the turn of 2014-15 there was a fire at a retirement home in Denmark where a care taker died. The Nursing home’s own description: The nursing home is new… Read more >

Results from the Danish pilot study

In 2012 the Copenhagen Municipality rolled out a pilot study with mobile fire sprinklers within the Health and Care Administration. The technology was tested in different kinds of special accomodations where there lived people with increased risk of fire due… Read more >

New web site

From today Q-Fog’s web site runs on WordPress. If you miss some information or have feed back of some kind don´t hesitate to contact us.