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Q-Fog i Nora AB use water mist to control and put out fire. This due to its unique ability to absorb heat and keep the secondary water damages very limited in comparision with traditional water sprinkler system. Only approximately 10 percent of the amount of water is needed with a high pressure mist solution compared with water sprinkling. Heat, oxygen och fuel are the three components needed to keep a fire burning. Our solution effectivly supresses fire in four areas, these are:

– heat absorptionFire Triangel
– cooling of gases closest to the fire
– cooling of fuel and potential areas of fire
– reduction of the oxygen level

This technic has the advantage of being able to put out even hidden fires since the mist literally fills the whole protected room. This is possible thanks to the nozzle which shoots out water at very high pressure. This enables the water to be transformed into extremely small drops of water. These light drops have a high cooling effect and finds its way into all spaces and stops the heat from further spreading.