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The Q1 fire suppression system from Q-Fog is ideal for critical asset fire protection and for living environments catering for the elderly, the infirm and the less able-bodied which require adaptable, individual and cost-effective solutions.

Intelligent Design

Fast, efficient and portable; Q1 is an intelligent high-pressure water mist system that can be installed quickly to add flexibility and enhance riskmanagement on a temporary or permanent basis.

Total Fire Protection with “No False Alarm” technology

Designed for rooms of up to 30m2, Q1 has no impact on building fabric and has a unique smoke detector which quickly senses a fire situation enabling a fast response.

Genuine Survivability

Many incidents and full scale tests shows that the Q1 maintains survivability by rapidly reducing temperatures and isolating the fire source. Carbon monoxide and lethal gas remain at survivable levels to give a greatly enhanced chance of saving life.

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