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We have delivered approximately 1600 units since the beginning and have had more than 100 reported activations over the years. This means many lives rescued and further damages prevented. Please contact us for more details.

List of incidents

Here is a list with examples of incidents reported to us from our dealers. For many older incidents the exact date is missing. These are marked 2008-2011.

Are you aware of incidents that are missing from the list? Please email information to info@qfog.se.
DatePlaceObjectCause of fireConclusion
2008-2011DK Köpenhamns municipalityApartment / Retirement home. Demented personBoil dryTypical dry boiling incident. Accident investigation shows that the accident could have wide injury effects if not fire protection existed (life and property). No injuries and limited secondary damage effects (dehumidification required).
2008-2011Kumla municipalityNursing home. Elderly personNegligence with cigarettesThe fire was confined to a large "glass bowl" which was used as ashtray. The risk of a major fire spread was assessed as less likely. No injuries or secondary damage effects occurred (real estate, equipment).
2008-2011Örebro municipalityNursing home. Person with psychosocial problemsNegligence with cigarettesBurning cigarette thrown behind furniture where various linen and towels are. The person does not try to evacuate himself but stay in bed close to the starting location of the fire. The person taken to hospital where no damage is discovered. Accident investigation determines that person's life was saved thanks to fire protection, and that the system also prevented extensive damage to property. Only limited secondary damage effects occurred (1m² floor mat and a baseboard). The room is dried with dehumidifiers for about two days.
2008-2011Askersund municipalityApartment. Person with psychosocial problems and certain intellectual disabilityArsonA person starts a fire in his apartment and then goes out. The system has therefore only prevented the damaging effects of the property which was judged to have been able to have been very extensive. The secondary damage effects was limited (replacement of floor mat, dehumidification).
2008-2011Karlstad municipalityApartment. Elderly personBoil dryTypical dry boiling incident with heavy smoke. No injuries or secondary damaging effects on the property. The person was taken to hospital for examination, where no damage can be detected.
2008-2011Karlstad municipalityNursing home. Elderly personFire in the microwaveNo injuries or secondary damaging effects on the property (the flooring removed, but no moisture damage could be observed).
2008-2011Nyköpings municipalityNursing home. Elderly personBoil dryTypical dry boiling incident with heavy smoke. No injuries or secondary damaging effects on the property. The person was taken to hospital for examination, where no damage can be seen.
2008-2011Halmstad municipalityNursing home.Negligence with cigarettesThe incident was classified as severe and has been investigated by both the the Rescue Services and MSB. Thanks to the installed mobile sprinkler a person was rescued and it also prevented serious damage to equipment and property.
2008-2011Jönköpings municipality /HuskvarnaNursing home.Incident during cookingAbuse of alcohol is considered as one of the root causes of the current risk situation. Uncertain how serious the consequences would have been without sprinklers.
2008-2011FI FinlandNursing home.UnknownNo further details available, except that it was deemed that one person was rescued thanks to the mobile sprinkler.
2008-2011Degerfors municipalityNursing home.UnknownThe incident was assessed as very serious.
2008-2011Kristinehamns municipalityNursing home.Negligence with cigarettesNo further details available in addition to finding that person was saved thanks to the mobile sprinkler.
2008-2011Kristinehamns municipalityNursing home.Negligence with cigarettesNo further details available in addition to finding that person was saved thanks to the mobile sprinkler. This was the second time the mobile sprinkler was activated in the same accommodation.
2008-2011EnglandUnknownUnknownAccording to data from the British emergency services a mobile sprinklers has been activated in connection with a fire and fulfilled its function.
2008-2011Lindesbergs municipality /StoråService housingBoil dryFire in the pan. No injuries or secondary damaging effects occurred (real estate, equipment).
2008-2011NO Trondheims municipalityNursing homeNo further details availableNo further details available
2008-2011NO OsloNo further details availableArsonBjerke in Oslo, here we have no evidence, but incident started with a fire on the floor. Q1 had tripped and gone to the fire brigade arrived at the place
De var kun brannskader på tepper og røkskader i rommet. I følge brannvesenet var branden slukket ved andkomst og alt av vått så branden hadde ingen kjangs til å spre seg videre.
20080214Örebro municipalityApartment. Person with social problems, impaired mobility and addictionCandles (forgotten)Fire spread from a number of lighted candles that were forgotten on a table at bedtime. The person has not tried to evacuate. Accident investigation determines that person's life was saved thanks to fire protection, and that the system also prevented extensive damage to property. No injuries or secondary damage effects occurred (real estate, equipment).
20100310Karlstad municipalityService housing Källan, Centrumvägen 8Boil dryBoil dry sparked residential sprinkler.
20100529Karlstad municipalityVåxnäs Service housing, Ventilgatan 20Boil dryForgotten food on the stove. Smoke sparked the residential sprinkler.
20100731Karlstad municipalityGroup housing Pelaren, Ventilgatan 22Water Steam while cookingForgotten food on the stove. Smoke sparked residential sprinkler.
20110104Karlstad municipalityVentilgatan 16Boil dryThe person fried butter in the frying pan that was forgotten during a phone call. Dry frying sparked residential sprinkler. The staff acted quickly and turned off the sprinkle
20110120Karlstad municipalityService housing Källan, Centrumvägen 8Smoke from the ovenA person at the Källan Group accommodation cooked au gratin in oven. Grease on the oven bottom from previous cooking steamed out when the door was opened and tripped the portable sprinkler system.
20110213Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Pizza box on the stoveThe patient started the stove where a pizza box was placed. The pizza box caught fire and triggered the residential sprinkler. The fire had probably had very serious consequences if not the sprinkler existed. The person made no attempt to self evacuation. No injuries or secondary damaging effects occurred.
20110216Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Negligence with cigarettesDuring indoor smoking takes a tablecloth fire. The smoker trying to put the fire out by throwing it into the bathroom, where it continues to burn with strong smoke development.
20110327Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13-15-20Boil dryForgotten food on the stove. Smoke from burnt food triggered the residential sprinkler. The staff had in connection with the evacuation of the residents turned off the sprinkler and taken care of the burned food on the stove and thus minimized the damage.
20110329Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Boil dryBoil dry triggered the portable residential sprinkler.
20110419Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Negligence with cigarettesPatient sits and smokes, dropping a cigarette in the clothes catching fire. The man in question was prohibited to smoke and had locked himself in the toilet to sneak smoke with the door closed. The man has probably fallen asleep and then dropped the cigarette in the clothes, the clothes caught fire. The only damage was slightly burned skin
20110706Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Boil drySmoke from boiling dry tripped residential sprinkler. Staff were alerted to the apartment which judged the situation so that the sprinkler discharge was stopped and water damage was minimized
20110822Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Boil dryForgotten food on the stove caused boiling dry. No risk of spreading only minor smoke from the food on the stove. The sprinkler tripped and staff helped the affected person. Measures to improve protection against such accidents: The same alarm is caused multiple times in the same apartment and the same accommodation. The residents have the facilities required and these have worked out according to the procedures available. (Residential sprinklers and alarms).
20111021Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Smoke from the microwaveThe smoke from burned buns in the microwave sparked residential sprinklers. Staff quickly located the apartment, and the cause of the alarm. The rescue service noted that the mist from the sprinkler had wetted the floor properly. Furniture and carpets were damp. No smoke was still in the apartment. The older man had done well, and would have to sleep in another room.
20111203Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Smoke from the microwaveAn elderly lady cooked a pie in the oven and forgot about the pie. When the door to the oven was opened it came much smoke that enabled residential sprinkler
20120203Karlstad municipalityVentilgatan 18Boil dryAn elderly couple living in Våxnäs Servicehus forgot about the food on the stove, resulting in a dry boiling. In the apartment there was a mobile sprinkler system that was activated. The staff at the service building were alerted and rushed to the apartment and could turn off the sprinkler system.
20120208Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Smoke from cookingAn old lady was cooking. The alarm was triggered and the mobile sprinkler also solved out. The staff were quickly on the scene and turned off the sprinkler and alarm. The lady had probably forgotten to put on the kitchen fan hence extraordinary spread of cooking fumes that tripped the alarm.
20120323Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Smoke from cookingThe alarm was triggered due to smoke from cooking.
20120329Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1No further details availableStaff turned off Q1 with the stop button.
20120330Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Fire in personFire in the hair on the patient due to smoking. Came in as automatic alarm.
20120520Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Smoke from the microwaveThe smoke from burned buns in the microwave sparked residential sprinklers.
20120623Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Smoke from the microwaveThe smoke from burned buns in the microwave sparked residential sprinklers.
20120629NO Oslo municipalityNo further details availableIncident with candles during cookingA person on Mosseveien 223 heated food using candles in the room, it caused a great smoke. Water mist triggered and the fire was extinguished. the Rescue Services arrived and examined the apartment without having to do anything
20120712DK Köpenhamns municipalityRetirement home. Demented personFire in a teddy bear on a heaterThe staff responded quickly to the smell of burnt teddy bear and turned off the power to the cooker. The mobile sprinkler system was activated. Had staff and mobile sprinklers not been in place, it could have been a fatal fire.
20120802Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Boil drySmoke from boiling dry enabled residential sprinklers that tripped. Staff were alerted to the apartment which assessed the situation and sprinklers stopped.
20120805Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Plastic on stove meltsResidents would boil the eggs. Hit the wrong hob. On the turned on the hot plate was a plastic lid. Smoke generation from molten plastic lid tripped sprinkler. Staff were quickly on the scene and turned off the sprinkler.
20120919Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Smoke from the ovenThe residents forgot a bun in the oven. The smoke from the burned bun triggered a fire alarm and a portable residential sprinkler. The staff were quickly on the scene and vented the smoke and dried up the water on the floor.
Personalen ringde SOS och meddelade att det inte var en brand. När räddningstjänsten anlände utfördes inga åtgärder då personalen redan hanterat situationen.
20120924Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Boil dryThe residents heated coffee on the stove that was forgotten. Smoke from dry cooking that arose sparked a fire alarm and a portable residential sprinkler. Carers were quickly on the scene and turned off the sprinkler
samt vädrade ut den lukt som blev. Vårdpersonalen varskodde räddningstjänsten om ärendet innan dem anlände till platsen.
20121005Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1ArsonAn incident in Örebro, where the residents probably fired (probably intentionally) in his apartment. Nothing abnormal visible when Rescue Service arrived, Q-Fog 02-026 triggered in the user's room. Investigation and recovery. The staff at Duetten ensures that Q1 will be reset.
20121016NO TrondheimMunicipal housing KlæbuveienArsonThis is a fire with a start quite like the one they had in 2009 at the same address. Ignition in bed / mattress made of foam rubber. More inflammable stuff laid on the fire, so it would burn well. This time against the wall, so that the flames reached the roof quickly!
Forskjellen på brannforløpet kan tilkjennes vårt mobile vanntåketårn Q1 som ble utløst raskt og slukket brannen. I dag fremstår leiligheten med mindre skader. Noe sot i nærheten av brannstedet. Ingen vannskader. Ingen personskader. I 2009 kostet brannen 11 millioner kr pluss et års driftsavbrudd for 30 brukere.
20121023Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Smoke from the microwaveThe smoke from burnt food in the microwave sparked residential sprinkler.
20121130Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Fire the person's clothesFire started in the person's clothes when she lit the candles.
20121220NO KarmøyMunicipal care homeNegligence with cigarettesJust a few days before July 2013 we had a acivation at our plant. These are placed with a person in a municipal sheltered housing which has several fire behind them (residents smoke and ashtrays and other stuff on the living table has been ignited). We suspect that the occupant has tripped facility even manually. It was admittedly a fire when the plant was triggered which was then extinguished.
20130110Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Smoke from the microwaveThe man was out of the apartment. The sprinkler was activated but had not yet extinguished the fire completely, it was done by the staff of the accommodation.
20130112Västerås municipalityNursing home.Negligence with cigarettesFire was extinguished in a nursing home when it burned in a trash can due to smoking. Water mist sprinkler did a quick effort and extinguished the fire.
20130114GotlandNursing home. Persons with psychosocial problemsArsonA fire, which deliberately started in a trash can at a care home in psychiatry of Gotland was extinguished and all injuries were avoided.
20130131Linköping municipalityKonsistoriegatan 4ASmoldering fireThe system triggered in the living room for about 2 minutes, probably something that smoldered on the living room table. Staff stopped with button.
20130216Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Smoke from cookingResidents fried chops. Triggered sprinklers, staff quickly on the spot.
20130312VästeråsService housing SkallbergetNegligence with cigarettesOur sprinklers have saved the life of a person in a service house on Skallberget when a glowing cigarette butt ignited a trash can.
20130415NO Fredrikstad Municipal apartmentNegligence with cigarettesResident living in a communal apartment in a block where there yesterday afternoon caught fire in an ashtray / paper on a coffee table in the living room. Water mist unit solved it quickly and extinguished the fire. Neighbors alerted the fire brigade and the occupant came from the event without physical injuries.

Alle branner begynner i det små, og vanntåkeanlegget fikk slokket brannen i en tidelig fase. Veldig positivt å se at en slik teknisk installasjon fungerte som forutsatt. Etter litt vannsøl på gulvet fremstår leiligheten i dag som beboelig.
20130420Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Smoke from the microwaveThe smoke from burnt food in the microwave sparked the residential sprinklers. Smoke in the apartment, the staff quickly on the scene and turned off the sprinkler.
20130424Uppsala ÅrstagårdenFire in trash canQ1 stopped a fire in a trash can caused by smoking. The sprinkler extinguished the fire quickly and prevented the spread.
20130515BrunfloÄngegården Negligence with cigarettesThere was a cigarette left in a chair that started the fire. The sprinkler was activated and extinguished the fire, on-site personnel stopped the system and took out the furniture. The person was lying in bed and escaped without injury. This is the third time the unit is activated. On the first occasion the fire started in the bed after bed smoking.
20130519Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Plastic on stove meltsSprinkler had been released because the apartment owner had put a thermos of coffee on a hot plate and turned on the plate. There were about six staff on site who was about to dry up the water from the floor.
20130611Linköping municipalityKonsistoriegatan 4ANo further details availableThe system is triggered in the living room and was running about nine minutes of unclear reason. Staff stopped via pushbutton.
20130620Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 18Boil dryAn elderly woman forgot about the kitchen activity resulting in burnt food in the pan with smoke as a result. The nursing staff were alert and shut off the sprinkler and evacuated the woman out of the apartment and removed the pan from the stove. Caregivers and emergency services restores the apartment by wiping up the water from the floor and use an electric fan. Rescue Services estimates that the apartment is in such a good condition that the patient can return to the apartment.
20130705Halmstad municipalityNo further details availableLeft behind paper and styrofoam on the stoveAn elderly gentleman had left paper and styrofoam on the stove and started the fire. Halmstad Municipality stated that everything worked according to plan with our Q1. It minimized the damages and costs thanks to this preventive measure.
20130725Karlstad municipalityService housing Pelargården, Ventilgatan 16Boil dryAn old lady forgot about the pot on the stove which caused a boil-dry after which the smoke triggered the alarm and sprinkler. When emergency services arrived the staff did not know that it passed an alarm. The Rescue Services found their way into the apartment when it turned out that one of the staff had received text messages on alarm. The staff would investigate why the alarm has not gone out correctly. The nursing staff restored apartment, wiped up the water and ventilated the smell of smoke
20130729Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Smoke from the microwaveSandwich in the microwave on fire, only smoke.
20130805Karlstad municipalityVentilgatan 16Smoke from the microwaveThe resident heated a bun in the oven that was forgotten. Smoke generation from the burned bun triggered the sprinkler. Caregivers evacuated the apartment owner and closed the micro and sprinkler. When the emergency services arrived, it was decided after checking the apartment on acute residual value using the fan in the stairwell to make a smoke-free environment. The nursing staff took care of the water from the sprinkler.
20130814Örebro municipalityDuetten, Sandbackavägen 1Coffee machine on stove meltsA coffee machine that melts and smoke arises, unless the automatic alarm has been triggered a fire could occur. The alarm is triggered and the staff meet up in the arrival of rescue services.
20130907Karlstad municipalityHagaborgsgatan 13Smoke from the microwaveThe smoke from burnt bun in the oven sparked residential sprinklers.
20130922Linköping municipalityTorparegatan 90Smoke from cookingThe system started in the kitchen of smoke from burned food on the stove. The system was running about 30 seconds and the user shut itself off via the control panel.
20131020Karlstad municipalityVentilgatan Smoke from the microwaveThe man heated food in the microwave that caused the smoke that in turn triggered the sprinkler. Staff took care of him and began to dry up the water and ventilate the apartment.
20131219Linköping municipalityKonsistoriegatan 4AToaster set on hot plateThe system started in the kitchen due to heavy smoke from a toaster oven set on the hot stove. The system was running for 7 minutes and staff stopped via the control panel.
20140307Linköping municipalityTorparegatan 86Smoke in kitchenThe system was started by the detector 3 alerted (kitchen) It was running in 15 minutes, and the sprinklers stopped itself. According to the fire brigade, it was a lot of smoke
20140325NO NøtterøyHouse with seven special accommodationFire in adjacent apartmentA mobile sprinkler in Norway has done good even though it was installed on a completely different floor than where the fire started. The same unit has extinguished fires in the apartment which it is installed earlier.
20140331Norrköping municipalitySt Olofsgatan 32No further details availableThe system was started when detector 2 alerted. The system was running about 7 minutes, and the user stopped the system himself via the control panel. Not clear what had happened.
20140429Karlskoga municipalityApartment building with special housing and ordinary flatsNo further details availableFire alarm went off due to smoke and water fog sprinkler tripped. The person was not injured. Water damage was not extensive and was remedied only by fanning out. The person moved back home to the apartment during May
20140522Söderhamns municipalityService housingFire in ashtrayA fire in an ashtray extinguished effectively in a service house. No one was inside the apartment when it happened, which meant that the risk of spread was imminent if the active protection not existed. The sprinkler was in full swing when the staff came in. No damage occurred.
20140807Linköping municipalityTorparegatan 3Smoke from cookingThe system was started by detector 3. Cooking was the reason. The system was running for about 13 minutes and the staff stopped it via the control panel.
20141227Lindesbergs kommun/GuldsmedshyttanGrönbodahemmetFire in ovenA kitchen fire started in an oven. Q-Fog's equipment extinguished the fire effectively.
20141229NO BærumKommunalt boendeFire in bedDuring the Christmas holidays, there was a bed of fire at a municipal housing where mobile mist sprinkler from Q-Fog was installed. When the fire brigade arrived at the scene the fire was extinguished. According to the fire chief two people would probably have lost their lives without an active fire protection system. There were two people inside the apartment when the system was triggered.
20150517Vetlanda kommunUnknownCigarette in trash canA woman was careless with a cigarette butt that ignited a trash can.
20151106NyköpingNursing home. Elderly personCigarette in trash canA cigarette butt caused a rescue operation at a nursing home in central Nyköping on Friday evening. At 21:30 o'clock an entire apartment was filled with smoke after a cigarette butt had set fire to a garbage can under the sink. When the emergency services arrived it was burning under the sink. The mobile sprinkler in the house had been tripped and raised the alarm, but the mist did not reach the center of the fire when the door to the sink was closed. The spread was however prevented, and no one was injured, but the one who lives in the apartment had to spend the night elsewhere.
20160204NoraApartment building with special housingSmokingAn attempt to light a cigarette using the stove and paper escalated. The fire was extinguished quickly, and only a small clean-up of soot on the stove was required. No injuries occurred
20160801ÖstersundNursing homeArsonArson in bed.
20161027ÖrebroApartment building with special housingNegligence with cigarettesSmoking in bed. Dropped butt set fire to the blanket. Everything went well, no water damage. Dehumidifier installed for faster drying.
20161209KatrineholmUnknownNegligence with cigarettesPiece of clothing caught fire. Everything went well.
20170228ÖstersundUnknownNegligence with cigarettesThe woman's hair caught fire. Everything went well thanks to the rapid response of Q1.
20170316TjörnNursing home. Elderly personFire in a trash canSomething burning probably set fire to household waste under the sink.